Campaign: Together Science Can

I led on content and social for Wellcome Trust’s Together Science Can campaign, which aimed to improve global science collaboration through online community-building and grassroots activism. My work helped to significantly grow the campaign and its following.

Magazine: Inside Diamond

On behalf of a particle accelerator - Diamond Light Source - I launched, wrote, and edited a bi-annual science magazine aimed at the interested public. This involved sourcing interesting stories, interviewing researchers, and producing the magazine alongside a graphic designer.

Feature: An Introduction to Dark Matter

The goal of this piece — produced for the government’s Dark Matter Day celebrations — was to take a complex concept like dark matter and make it interesting to a broad, non-science audience.

Blog: 12 Refugee Scientists

To highlight the importance of contributions made by refugees around the world, I produced a list of renowned scientists who were also refugees. Published on World Refugee Day, the piece became Wellcome Trust’s most successful social activity in the organisation’s history.

Press Release: Breast Milk ‘Bio-Bullets’

With press office experience, I know what it takes to make an attention-grabbing article. I use interviews and scientific journals to develop releases like this one — publicising the discovery of a new antibiotic agent — which was picked up in the Guardian and the Telegraph.

Video: What Is Antibiotic Resistance

I researched, wrote, and presented the script for this video, which was part of a government campaign about the dangers of antibiotic resistance. The video drew twice as many views as the channel’s annual average.

Book: An Illustrated History of Science

I recently finished writing a book on the history of science for Arcturus Publishing. This involved copious amounts of desk research, large-scale narrative structuring, and the careful translation of complex material into accessible prose. The book will be published in late-2019.

Graphic: How International Are Researchers

I use a combination of Canva and Photoshop to produce graphics, infographics, and Twitter cards. This piece was produced to publicise the data around junior researchers’ travel habits, and proved one of the most popular pieces of content in this series.

Column: Science Set Free

I produced regular science columns for the Oxford Mail and Oxford Times for several years, including this piece about research into mosquito-borne diseases. The column was amongst the paper’s most popular sections.