Hello, I’m Mary


A little about me…

It’s sometimes said that if you can’t explain a concept simply then you don’t understand it well enough. My work is all about taking complex concepts and making them lucid and engaging, so that anyone can access and appreciate even the trickiest ideas.

I trained as a journalist and started my career as a copywriter for a tech start-up, publicising innovative software. I then went on to work as a communicator for a particle accelerator, writing about some of the most challenging topics out there, from quantum technology to nanomedicine. I’ve since worked as a senior science writer for the UK government, as a newspaper columnist, and as a content creator for one of the world’s largest health foundations.

I have experience across the public, private, and third sectors, and I’m as comfortable generating marketing copy as I am producing straight journalism.

Whether you’re looking for a content marketer, a copywriter, an editor, or a reporter, I can provide the skills you need to capture your audience’s attention and drive action.

Curious to learn more? You can browse my services, along with examples of my work; check out my rates; and get in touch.